Organised a CME of IFS Rajasthan Chapter on ‘Male Infertility and DNA Fragmentation Index’ on 10 th August 2019

Greetings from IFS Rajasthan Chapter.

This is to bring to your kind information that we had recently organised a CME under the banner of IFS Rajasthan Chapter on ‘Male Infertility and DNA Fragmentation Index’ on 10 th August 2019.

There were two talks

The first was on ‘Overview on Male Infertility : from guidelines to clinical practice’, given by Dr Suchika Mangal from Jaipur.

The Guest Speaker was Dr Sayali Kandari from Mumbai. She presented her original research paper, recently presented in ESHRE 2019, and spoke on DFI. Her talk was : ‘First Clinical Study of India on the effect of Medical Therapy on Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Improved Clinical Pregnancy Rates.’

It was attended by about 30 Gynaecologists and Embryologists. The aim was to increase the awareness on Male Infertility, guidelines about its management and more specifically the role of sperm DNA Fragmentation in Reproductive outcomes

It was well appreciated and attended by about 50 gynaecologists and Embryologists.

There were talks on ‘Setting up an IUI lab, Setting up an IVF lab, ICMR Guidelines,and QC and QA.’

This was followed by a panel discussion on ‘Trouble Shooting in IVF lab : Different Case Scenarios’ moderated by myself (Dr Sangita Sharma).

Dr Neeru Thakral and Dr Ila Gupta were guest faculty from Gurgaon and Dr Sanjay Makwana was also a Senior faculty from Jodhpur.

The hard copy of the modules were also distributed to 50 delegates.

The topic was : ‘Recent Updates in Management of PCOS’

This is to bring to your kind information that we had organised a small focussed CME ( rather RTM) in a City called Jhujhunu in Rajasthan on 16 th May 2019. The purpose was to create awareness about the prevalence and clinical and metabolic implications of PCOS, both in adults and adolescents.

It was attended by about 20 gynaecologists from Jhujhunu and adjoining places like Chirawa and Pilani. It seemed to be very fruitful and was a very interactive session, the discussion and Q & A session continued till 10 pm.

This is to bring to your kind information that a free Consultation Camp and a talk on ‘General Awareness on Infertility’ was Organised on 16 th May 2019 in the City of Jhujhunu in Rajasthan.

Organised a CME on ‘Updates on Ovulation Induction’ in Jaipur on 26 th May 2019, under the banner of Indian Fertility Society Rajasthan Chapter.

There were 4 talks including two by our guest faculty Dr. K D Nayar Sir (Role of Recombinant LH in Ovarian Stimulation) and Dr. Neeru Thakral Mam (Unexplained Infertility: Endoscopy or IVF), and one-panel discussion on ‘Different situations in ovulation induction moderated by Dr. Neeru Thakral.

Two other talks were taken by myself Dr. Sangita Sharma (Investigations and Evaluation before Ovulation Induction) and Dr. Namita Kotia (individualized Controlled Ovarian Stimulation icos).

It was well appreciated and attended by about 100 delegates. I am sharing a few glimpses for your kind reference.

This is to bring to your kind information that we had organised a focussed CME on 30 th March 2019 on ‘Updates on Embryology’, under the banner of Indian Fertility Society Rajasthan chapter.

Dr Neela Baheti, Dr Neelam Bapna and Dr Ramdoss Srinivasan chaired the sessions.
There were two talks.

I myself delivered a talk on ‘Trouble Shooting in IVF Lab : Different Case Scenarios’, where everyone gave their inputs.

The second talk was on ‘Evidence on Newer Technologies in IVF Lab’ which was delivered by Dr Rahul K Sen, Senior Embryologist from Vasundhara Fertility and Research Centre, Jodhpur.
It was an interactive CME, well attended and appreciated. About 40 delegates attended it, both clinicians and Embryologists.

This was followed by dinner and distribution of sweets (as it was also a post Holi get together).

Under the aegis of IFS Rajasthan Chapter,  a CME was conducted in Jaipur on  29th May, 2018 on “Medicolegal Issues related to Infertility” and “Complications of Fertility Enhancing Endoscopic Surgeries”.
It was well appreciated and well attended by  around 80 doctors across Rajasthan.

In the beginning there was a quiz on ‘Infertility and Basic ART’ for the PG students. The three winners of the quiz would be representing Rajasthan in Fertivision 2018 at Kochi.

This was followed by an enlightening talk on ‘Medicolegal Issues related to Infertility’ by Mr. Mahendra Kumar Bajpayee, Advocate , Supreme Court Of India. This  was an interactive session with many queries from the audience being addressed.

There was a Panel discussion on ” Complications of Fertility Enhancing Endoscopic Surgeries : Prevention & Management“, which was moderated by Dr. C.P. Dadhich and Dr. Sushila Saini, The panel  was a blend of  Gynae-Endoscopic surgeons and Senior Laparoscopic General Surgeons. This included interesting video presentations of some laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgical complications.

Under the aegis of IFS, a CME was conducted in Jaipur on 13th May, 2018 on "Recurrent Pregnancy
Loss" and "Recent Updates on Luteal Phase Support".
It had a wonderful response, was attended by 110 delegates across Rajasthan.
There was a Panel discussion on "Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: Different Case Scenarios", moderated by
Dr. Ruma Satwik from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. The panel was a beautiful combination of
experts from Reproductive Medicine (Dr. Neela Baheti and Dr. Namita Kotia), Genetics & Fetal Medicine
(Dr. Savita Bansal ), Obstetrics (Dr. Kusumlata Meena) and Embryology (Mr. Rahul K Sen).
In the second session, Dr. Sanjay Makwana (Jodhpur) gave a talk on "Recent Advances in Luteal Phase
This was followed by two debates:
First was on "Luteal Phase Support in TI/IUI cycles":
The second debate was on "Role of Endometrial Scratch in IUI/IVF Cycles"

Rajasthan IFS activity : Fertility preservation navigator on 11/03/2018 in Jaipur
Attended by 58 delegates with galaxy of ART specialists, oncologists and gynaecologists guest faculty Dr Kuldeep jain and Dr Rashmi sharma from Delhi


Our journey so far from April 2016

Our Team

Patron: Dr M L Swarankar
Secretary: Dr Namita Kotia
Joint Secretary: Dr Surabhi Tomar
Treasurer: Dr Ramdoss
Advisors: Dr Neela Baheti, Dr Narendra Gupta,Dr Sanjay Makwana, Dr Renu Makwana
Council Members: Dr Sanjay Shukla, Dr Kusumlata Meena, Dr Simi Sood,Dr Sangeeta Sharma, Dr Hemant Chakrawarti


  • We are a 69 member Society
  • 34 New members have been added in the past one year.

CME on Challenges in Infertility

  • Date – 16 October 2016
  • Venue – Ramada Hotel
  • Our Guest Speaker Dr Sudha Prasad [Delhi] spoke on iCOS,OPTIMIZING OVULATION INDUCTION.
  • Panel discussion on CASE SCENARIOS IN INFERTILITY –APPROACH AND MANAGEMENT was moderated by Dr Neelam Bapna /Dr Namita Kotia;Panelist were;Dr Narendra Gupta, Dr Kusumlata Meena,Dr Alka Gehlot and Dr Shikha Gupta.
  • Attended by 62 Delegates

CME on Demystifying the Mystique: Ovary

  • Date : 7/05/2017
  • Venue: Ramada Hotel
  • Guest Speakers

Dr Neena Malhotra [Delhi] spoke on TROUBLE SHOOTING IN OVULATION IN PCOS.

Dr Kunjmoidein [Kerala] spoke on POSEIDON CRITERIA

Panel Discussion on ENDOMETRIOSIS Moderated by Dr Sangeeta Sharma ;Panelist : Dr Sanjay Makwana,Dr DeshDeepak,Dr C P Dadhich, Dr Oby Nagar,Dr Vibha Chaturvedi.


The CME was attended by 92  Delegates.

CME on Demystifying the Mystique: Sperm

  • Date : 9 July 2017
  • Venue: Raddison Blu
  • Guest Speaker Col Dr Pankaj Talwar [Army Hospital Delhi] conducted IUI Workshop.
  • Hands on training was given with support from Cryocell.
  • Panel Discussion was held on Case Scenarios for IUI.
  • Attended by 90 Delegates

Dr M L Swarankar, Dr Neela  Baheti, Dr Kirti Gaur

PCOS Awareness among Students in Schools and Colleges