Summit on Reproductive Endocrinology at Varanasi

Greetings from IFS UP Chapter. A Summit on Reproductive Endocrinology was held on 13th August 2017 at Hotel Madin, Varanasi under the ages of IFS UP Chapter & VOGS, which was attended by over 270 Gynecologists. Welcome address by Dr. Ritu Khanna. Dr. Sonia Malik, Dr. Sudha Prasad, Dr. K.D. Nayar, Dr. Sonal Panchal, Dr. C.B. Nagori, Dr. Kiran Pandey, Dr. Tusharkar were the key speakers. Dr. Chandravati, Dr. P. Tiwari, Dr. Indrasah, Dr. Rajbaweja, Dr. Vinita Agnihotri also graced the Inaugural ceremony.

Interactive case based panel discussion on “Hormonal interplay and the best options in the crucial phase of implantation- The Luteal Phase ” was also part of the session.

A CME was organized by Jaunpur Obstetrics & Gynaecological Society in association with IFS UP Chapter at Ramaswamy Hotel on 12 Feb. 2016 It was attended by 45 Gynaecologists of the city and adjoining areas. Presentation on Indian Perceptive of Managing male infertility was delivered by Dr. Ritu Khanna and a talk on semen analysis WHO 2010 by Dr. Pankhuri. There was case discussion on 5 different cases.

The Ninth was a CME with Gorakhpur Obstetrics & Gynecological Society association with IFS UP Chapter at Shivoy hotel on 21st Nov 2015 Evening (07:00 PM to 10:00 PM)

Attended by more than 85 Gynecologists of the city and the adjoining areas.

Presentation on Male Infertility the era has changed the approach by Dr Pankaj Talwar.

Newer innovations in the approach towards female infertility by Dr Ritu Khanna.

Good interaction was followed by Dinner.

The Eighth was Overwhelming response in the hands on IUI workshop at BMRD medical college Gorakhpur in association with IFS UP chapter on 21st Nov 2015 Morning (09:00 AM to 05:00 PM)

Inauguration by HOD Dr Reena Srivastava along with Dean medical collage attended by 50 delegates of medical college.

Dr Pankaj Talwar explain how to set & IUI Lab Keeping in view the guidelines.

Live demonstration of preparation of wet mount of semen sample & Its analysis according to WHO criteria 2010.Extensive hands on training done by the delegates on the washing techniques. Practical difficulties were highlighted.

The Seventh was CME Allahabad Obstetrics & Gynecological Society in Association with IFS UP Chapter at Hotel Yatrik on 20th Nov 2015 Evening ( 04:00 PM to 07:00 PM) Attended by over 75 Gynecologists of the city and the adjoining areas.

This started with the Celebration of birthday of Dr Meena Dayal Prof Obstetric & Gynecologic department MN Medical College Allahabad.

Topics discussed were How to go on with male infertility – Dr Pankaj Talwar

Tackling female infertility newer approaches – Dr Ritu Khanna

Followed by high tea in the pleasant environment of the hotel lawn.

The zeal and anthusiasm takes us forward to Sixth
IUI workshop at Allahabad at MN Medical College Allahabad in association with IFS UP chapter on 20th Nov 2015 Morning (09:00 AM to 03:00 PM) .
Presided by HOD Dr Amrita Chaurasiya & Attended by 45 delegates of medical college & city infertility specialists.
Presentation on Semen Analysis – Dr Pankaj Talwar

With special focus on Semen washing techniques
Troubleshooting in IUI Technique – Dr Ritu Khanna
ICMR guidelines for IUI – Dr Ritu Khanna

Demonstration followed by hands on workshop by Dr Pankaj Talwar & Dr Ritu Khanna on semen analysis and washing techniques.

The Fifth was Indian Guidelines on PCOS on 30th May, 2015 at Hotel Clark Awadh , Lucknow attended by over 80 gynecologists. Organized by IFS UP Chapter in association & Lucknow Private Practioners society.The panel discussion covered exhaustively the aspects of adolescent & adult PCOS.

The Fourth was CME on Frontiers of ART improving pregnancy rates on 26th April, 2015 at Hotel Shivoy , Gorakhpur attended by 90 gynecologists. Organized by IFS UP Chapter in association & Gorakhpur Obstetrics & Gynaecology society . The rattling tremors of the earth quake were experienced during the session inspite of which the enthusiasm of delegates let the session to move.

The Third was CME Infertility Update 2015 on 22nd March, 2015 at SRMS Institute of Medical Sciences , Bareilly. Attended by 150 gynecologists. Organized by IFS UP Chapter in association & Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology SRMS Institute of Medical Sciences, Bareilly.

The Second was Webnair Hope of Profertility on 21st March, 2015 at Hotel Landmark , Kanpur attended by 74 senior gynecologists of the city. Organized by IFS UP Chapter in association & Kanpur Obst & Gynaec Society.

Under the guidance of Patron Dr. Chandrawati & Leadership of former Secretary Dr Madhu Loomba & present Secretary Dr Ritu Khanna & helping hand of Treasurer Dr Malvika Mishra a number of activities were energetically carried out by members of IFS UP Chapter with active participation by delegates.

The first was CME on Infertility Update 2015 was held on 01st Feb, 2015 at Hotel Landmark , Kanpur in association with Madhuraj advance infertility & IVF centre.

Inauguration was done by Dr Navneet Kumar – Dean Medical College, Kanpur.

The faculties were Dr Pankaj Talwar ,Dr Rashmi , Dr Sohani Verma , Dr Sudha Prasad , Dr Neena Malhotra , Dr R.K.Sharma , Dr Ritu Khanna , Dr Randhir Singh. This was followed by panel discussion on Trouble shooting in IUI.

Gorakhpur CME

A CME was held in Gorakhpur on 5th March 2016 at Hotel Shevoy by GOGS in association with IFS UP Chapter. More than 70 delegates from the city and the adjoining areas participated . Dr Madhu Gulati President GOGS gave the welcome address. Dr Ritu Khanna, secretary IFS UP Chapter gave a presentation on “ Newer Modalities in Medical Management of Endometriosis” . Doubt clearing on many aspects of medical management of endometriosis including the use of new drug Dienogest was discussed. A short quiz was conducted by Dr Ritu Khanna on how to tackle endometriosis. A short presentation on Fertivision 2016 was shown.

A CME was held on 23rd April 2016 at Clarks Awadh , Lucknow by association of private gynecologists of Lucknow in association with IFS UP Chapter

It was a grand success attended by over 240 Obst. & Gynaecologist which was the maximum attendance so far in the lucknow Pvt. Gynaec forum.

Greetings from IFS UP Chapter A CME “Thyroid & pregnancy” was organized by Varanasi Obst. & Gynac. Society in association with IFS UP Chapter at Hotel Radission Varanasi on 30th July 2016.

It was attended by selected 50 special interest group gynecologist of the city. Welcome by the secretary Dr Divya Aggrawal. Presidential address by Dr Sulekha Pandey.

Presentation on “Addressing the challenges” Thyroid in pregnancy by Dr Ritu Khanna (Sec. IFS).
International & National Guidelines on Management of Thyroid in pregnancy by Dr Neeraj Aggarwal (HOD endocrinology ,BHU). “ Thyroid dysfunction in neonates by Dr. S. Basu (Professor Pediatrics, BHU)

This was followed by an active interaction with the audience on Universal Screening or case based screening.