Survey Form for Counselling and Psychological Support Services in Art Clinics

This survey is to help us understand the need and availability of psychological services in ART field. It tries to highlight the type of psychological support being provided to your infertility patients at present. We request you to spare some moments for answering the questions given – It will take 5 minutes of your time

By understanding the difficult areas and/or situations where you have felt the need for having a counsellor, we can develop workshop content relevant to our needs and experiences.

The benefits of providing patient centered care for the infertility patients are well established. If you feel any aspect of infertility needs special attention please do write it down.

Any suggestions or feedback regarding the existing psychosocial services and how one can enhance are welcome


    Job Title
    Type of Set Up
    The infertility centre has how many
    Approximately how many patients are undertaken for infertility management per month?


    Have you met the DIFFICULT patient who is (You can tick more than one option)
    AngryDepressedAnxiousNet Savvy - wants explanations and excessive detailsUnrealistically over-optimistic about the outcome of treatment

    Of all these types given above, which type is most commonly found?

    What may have been the cause or causes of distress? (Please tick all relevant)
    The diagnosis of infertilityPoor prognosis of their optionsPast Treatment failureLack of Family/Spouse supportInability by treating doctor to address patient concerns

    Were you able to intuitively sense the difficult patient right at intake?
    If NO, At what time during the course of management the patient became a difficult case

    Can you please share any personal experiences regarding such situation and how it was handled? (The confidentiality of case/situation will be maintained.)


    Who handles the difficult situation in your team?
    The counsellor in your team is...
    What are the qualifications of the counsellor in your team?
    At what stage of infertility treatment is counsellor generally called?
    Which type of case scenarios would you like counsellor to be definitely present?

    Do you think that being able to identify patients using standardised psychological tests would help in providing better patient cantered care?

    Can the presence of a good counsellor significantly impact on treatment outcomes?
    Do you feel that counsellor should be available full time?
    Any suggestions regarding which areas of infertility services could require special psychological care?

    With regards,
    Dr.Poonam Nayar
    Dr.Puneet Arora
    SIG (Counselling and Psychological Support)